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Nails Extensions & Nail Art

Applying nail gel

Full set of tips + fibreglass & gel overlay  £42.00

 Infill                                                    from  £21.00

Single Nail - Gel & fibreglass                         £4.50

Very flexible & natural looking (fibreglass mesh is used to provide strength & flexibility)

Gel Overlay On Natural nails            from   £25.00

Single Nail  - Gel                                            £4.00   


Repairs from  £4.00
Soak-off £14.00
Soak-off with manicure £19.50

Gel Toes                           £ 22.00

*New to our treatment menu - coloured gels & French Manicure gels with sparkle!

A versatile range of coloured & glitter gels for the more adventurous. Great for striking permanent French Manicure or permanent polish finishes.

Infills  -  From £21.00

Regular infills are very important to help prolong the life of your nail extensions.


Repairs   -  £1.00 - £4.00

After-care Advice;

Always use non-acetone polish remover. Wear gloves when using detergents.

Nail Art

Transfers (per nail) £1.00
Crystal gems (per stone) £0.50
Pressed Flower (per flower) £1.00



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