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Anti-ageing Treatments

Non - surgical Face lift (30 mins) - £23.00

An electrical facial with the use of a Faradic current to exercise each facial muscle, helping to lift & tone, and a Galvanic current to drive collagen into the skin to help plump out fine lines & wrinkles.

"Angels" Detox Facial with collagen infusion (1hr) - £35.50

Dry /mature skin

The same treatment as the "Angels" Detox facial but includes the use of a Galvanic current to infuse collagen gel into the skin at a deeper level, this softens the skin smoothing fine lines & wrinkles leaving the skin firmer.

"Angels" Detox facial with non-surgical Face Lift (75mins) - £46.00

The same treatment as the "Angels" Detox facial but includes a complete Non-Surgical Face Lift.

Caci Quantum non - surgical Facelift - £45.00

Caci Quantum Hydratone Facial      25.00      -

Using specific facial techniques to restore & redefine facial muscles, reducing lines & wrinkles.

"Biodroga" Mini Lifting Treatment (45mins) - £36.50

An effective treatment for skin inclined to fine lines & wrinkles or elasticity loss - to rapidly regain a firmer more plumped out look. Includes;

  • cleansing
  • aroma foot wrap with massage & heated bootees
  • firming effect concentrate with gentle massage
  • pure collagen mask
  • concluding care - Anti Time Formula

"Biodroga" Anti -Stress Treatment (75mins) - £48.00

Fatigued/sluggish/irritated skin

A refreshing treatment to balance stressed skin & charge it with energy. Includes;

  • neck & shoulder massage
  • cleansing
  • aroma foot wrap with massage & heated bootees
  • moisture plus concentrate
  • Aroma Relax facial massage
  • mask 1 - Pure Collagen, mask 2 - High perfection warm wax treatment
  • concluding care - Q 10 Skin Energizer

Lift Your Skin (Anti - Ageing) 1 Hour - £48.00

A skin lifting treatment that whisks away fine lines and wrinkles as if by magic and relaxes the facial features. Utilizing SYN-VIPE a synthetic botox derivative to give skin a naturally youthful appearance.

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